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Lysenby (Liss) and Ona Fine Williams

Lysenby and Ona Willaims were the last owners of the Glade Post Office/Store. They are the parents of Herbert, Stanley, Gene (deceased) and Patricia. 


Lysenby wanted to save the PO/store and moved it to Pea Ridge because of Beaver Lake.

Below is a Conversation with Patricia Williams-Heck & her Aunt's Clora and Cleva on April 6, 1995.

Prairie Creek to Lost Bridge

Side 1 Runtime: 1 hour  -  Side 2 Runtime: 50min.

This original audio recording has a loud noise in background but hope to resolve issue.

Aunt Pat Clema Clora Interview on 04-06-Artist Name
00:00 / 1:02:14
Aunt Pat Clema Clora Interview on 04-06-Artist Name
00:00 / 1:01:55

Dinner'll Soon Be Ready: Memories of Glade, Arkansas
Dr. Patricia Heck, vice president of the Glade Historical Society, discusses a memoir by Lillie Edens Preston about life in the northeast Benton County, Arkansas, community of Glade. Recorded Jan. 16, 2013.

Patricia's parents, Liss & Ona Williams above.

Patricia Heck Pic circa 2019.jpg

As of 2020,
Dr. Patricia Heck resides in Rogers, Arkansas

Still working, her email is Contact Pat via Email

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