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Coal Gap School

Glade community members recognized the need for a school and built one in 1887. It was originally called Jennings Switch #105.  It was rebuilt twice.


The current schoolhouse was built in 1938 and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places (#92001123).  Today it is privately owned.


The photo at the bottom shows Coal Gap School children sometime around 1924. 

Coal Gap Students about 1920-21

Top row, lt to rt:  Sylvia McGinnis, Lena Morrison, Lucy Williams, Ruth Neeley (teacher), Willie Edens, Clint Cook, Homer Rayon, Arlie Fine, Sherman Fine

Middle row, lt to rt: Norma Jean Dawson, Cleva Williams, Ethel Cook, Clemma Williams, Ona Fine, Anna Mae Rubottom, Meda Morrison, Jay Dawson, Fay Dawson, unidentified girl (may be Bertha Williams), Austin Williams

Front row, lt to rt: Dorothy Horn, Ruby Fine, Alonzo Dawson, Orpha Fine, ____ Wishon, Glaysy Youree (with Ruth Youree in front of her), Nova Duke, Billie Dawson, Ora Williams, Hugh Gardner


Some of the children have not been identified.  If anyone can identify additional children, please let us know by emailing

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